Shaktiman 3737

  • SCH 3737 SCH 3737
  • SCH 3737 SCH 3737
  • SCH 3737 SCH 3737

Inbuilt Air Compressor for Cleaning machine, radiator grille and filling air in tyres
Auto cleaning system prevents overheating enabling machine to work for longer duration
Extractor hood with ceramic coating to prevent excessive wera and tear during operation
Auto Greasing System for easy operation and maintenance

173 HP six cylinder air cooled Cummins diesel engine
Hydraulic drive for wheels
Hydraulic height adjustment for chassis
Advanced tracking & performance monitoring system
Auto cleaning system for radiator
Roof top AC for driver cab
Twin Crop dividers
168 degree turning Extractor and elevator
Electronically balanced base cutter & top cu􀆩er

* The Company reserves absolute rights to modify the specifications of machine and components therein without any prior notice.

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