CSR initiative

We care for Society

At Shaktiman, Corporate Social Responsibility is all about developing a business model that not only creates economic value but also contributes to a healthy ecosystem and strong communities. Our endeavour is to evolve and develop appropriate business processes and strategies to achieve a common goal which contributes to the greater good.

We believe that CSR means much more, than extending commitment to all the stakeholders including the society. We believe that it is an integrated approach towards operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. The focus is more of an inclusive approach taking care of the interests of employees, business partners, customers, local communities, the environment and society at large.

Our employees are also encouraged to participate in our CSR activities by becoming Positrons i.e. one who radiates positive energy for making the lives of others better as we understand the significance of workplace volunteering and employee’s contribution to the society. We organise various programmes where the employees have come forward to show their benevolence.

Energy Conservation

Shaktiman is poised to be recognized as a global, leading farm mechanization solution provider for making agriculture more economical and creating sustainable value for all its stakeholders in a responsible manner. Our policies and business practices reflect a commitment to making our planet a better place. We have always considered sustainable development the base of […]

Fire Safety Training In school

Shaktiman has always strived to create awareness on the importance of safety. In line with this commitment, we organised a fire safety training programme in a village school. The programme was organized to raise awareness on combating fire accidents in schools. The fire safety team conducted the session and explained the causes of fire breakouts, […]

Tree Plantation

Environmental sustainability is emerging as an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. As a company which is committed towards mechanization of agricultural sector, our actions have the potential to set sustainability benchmarks for the industry and ensuring a better world for generations to come. These aspirations materialized into environmental initiatives at Shaktiman. Under […]

Blood Donation Camp

We at Shaktiman pride ourselves on our role as a good corporate citizen. We actively participate in community initiatives and commit to making a positive contribution at all levels. We believe our actions should reflect the respect we embrace for the diverse range of people and the cultures with which we work. Shaktiman organized Blood […]

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