Hay Rake

  • Hay Rake Hay Rake
  • Hay Rake Hay Rake
  • Hay Rake Hay Rake
  • Hay Rake Hay Rake

SHAKTIMAN Hay Rake is designed to move the mowed windrow across the soil surface or remaining crop stubble, creating a narrower windrow that will dry more rapidly.

  • SHAKTIMAN Hay rake is a tractor mounted and ground driven agricultural implement which gives high quality raking result with overall low cost
    of ownership.
  • It has no gears, chains or other drive components to wear out; the finger wheel rake is truly a low maintenance tool.
  • When tractor moves forward, the wheels of hay rake gently turn the hay towards the back of the unit leaving all the hay raked in a suitable windrow to form a compact and even bale.
  • Tines are made of spring steel for a more gentle and clean contact with forage.
  • It has two springs which absorb shocks and gives proper contact with ground.
  • Front frame of the machine is provided with different holes for required windrow width.

* The Company reserves absolute rights to modify the specifications of machine and components therein without any prior notice.

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