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Shaktiman Super Seeder is the tractor operated Ultimate One Pass Sowing Solution Machine Which remove the paddy stubbles and mix it with soil, prepares land, and simultaneously Sow seeds.

Shaktiman Super seeder machine is the combination of rotavator and seed drill. This machine is coming with India’s No.1 Semi Champion Plus rotavator with
fitment of JLF type blades in it, which ensure proper mixing of residues with soil effectively.

Shaktiman Super seeder is an environment friendly and economical solution where farmers doesn’t need to burn crop residues and are not required to perform
multiple operations on the field before sowing, hence it saves land from nutrients loss, saves time and cost for farmers.

  • Shaktiman Semi Champion Plus Rotavator
  • Modern Disc type furrow opener
  • Front roller Drive from jack shaft
  • Strong frame assembly
  • Front Furrow Disc

* The Company reserves absolute rights to modify the specifications of machine and components therein without any prior notice.

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